Optimal education for all.


Exemplify best practices through quality sponsorship of excellent schools.


Excellence:  Excellence as our foundation demands continuous improvement in every aspect of our work.  We strive for excellence in how we do business, in our policies and procedures, and pursuit of innovation in high performing schools.

Integrity:  We operate with honesty, truthfulness, openness and transparency.  This includes interactions with each other, and with external stakeholders and interest groups.  We hold ourselves accountable for ethical and responsible actions in our decision‐making and in the use of public funds.

Respect:  Every student, family member, family unit and individual striving to improve educational outcomes for anyone must be treated with respect and dignity.  This requires sensitivity and professionalism, and a willingness to listen and understand.

Creativity:  Building an educated society in the 21st century requires creativity and innovation.  We seek creativity in our sponsoring, in our schools, and in pursuing excellence and increased levels of service to all stakeholder groups.

Collaboration:  No single individual, group, or organization will create the best educational opportunities for everyone.  We seek to collaborate with all who have such passion and share that goal.


 Open high quality charter schools.

Use best practices for monitoring and reporting school performance.

Build a network and leverage resources to maximize opportunities for our schools.

Eliminate barriers to education.