The MU Office of Charter School Operations sponsors six charter schools, with twelve school buildings, educating students from pre-kindergarten through high school.  Our portfolio includes three charters in St. Louis and three charters in Kansas City.  We welcome you to explore our diverse school communities and feel free to contact us, or any of our schools, with questions or to obtain enrollment information.


Frontier Schools


Confluence Academies

Momentum Academy


Better Learning Communities Academy (St. Louis)

Carondelet Leadership Academy (St. Louis)

Jamaa Learning Center (St. Louis)

Ewing Marion Kauffman School (Kansas City)

Genesis School (Kansas City)

Lee A Tolbert Community Academy (Kansas City)

Renaissance Academy for Math and Science (Kansas City)

School Monitoring and Status

The primary role of a sponsor is holding schools accountable for the results promised in their charter.  In our role as a charter school sponsor, MU monitors the performance of all schools in our portfolio.  As described in our Operations Guide, we look at school governance, finance, operations, and academic performance.  We do this through a variety of activities, looking at school documents and records, as well as visits to schools and attendance at board meetings.  Each year we use the information so gathered to determine a school’s status as one of the following.

High Performing

  • APR above 85% for three of the last four years,
  • Graduation rate of 80% (for schools offering high school), and
  • No unresolved letters of concern

Good Standing

  • APR above 70% for two of the last three years, and
  • No unresolved letters of concern, or
  • A new school not yet eligible for an APR

Academic Warning

  • APR below 70% for two of the last three years

Organizational Warning

  • Unresolved letters of concern about aspects of school operations


  • APR below 70% for three of the last four years, and/or
  • Unresolved letters of concern for two consecutive years


  • Any school after two consecutive years on probation, without increases in performance,
  • A serious breach that necessitates charter revocation as defined by law,
  • Charter lapse or non-renewal, or
  • Governing board opts for closure

Individual School Status

Detailed information about individual charter schools is provided on their web pages elsewhere on this site.  A summary of each school’s status follows.  Note that when a charter school has multiple campuses, we consider only the status of the whole charter, not individual buildings.

Kansas City

St. Louis