The charter under which a charter school operates is a contract between the sponsor and the governing board of the school.  The governing board of a charter school is a non-profit organization that is responsible for the academic and financial success of the school.  Each school’s governing board operates under the conditions set out in its Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.  The governing board of La Salle Middle School is its Board of Directors.  Current Board members are:

Dr. Colette Edson                   Vice Chair
Ms. Constance Gully               Treasurer
Mr. James Hill
Mr. Chris Hinkley
Mr. Demetrius Groom            Chair
Ms. Jackie Jones                      Secretary
Ms. Kim Perry
Dr. Shirleas Washington

The Board of Directors meets monthly on the fourth Wednesday of the month.  Board meetings are posted on the school calendar.

The board is responsible for approving the annual budget, approving monthly financial statements and expenditures, approving school policies, ensuring strong school leadership is in place, and monitoring the performance of the school on an ongoing basis.  Additional information about the La Salle Board can be found on the La Salle website.


A charter school must operate in a fiscally sound manner.  The State of Missouri requires that a charter school maintain at least a 3% fund balance.  Additionally, a charter school must use standard accounting practices and have adequate internal controls in all financial and procurement procedures.

La Salle Middle School complies with these requirements.  Links to the current Audit and Annual Secretary of the Board Report are provided below.

Current Audit

Annual Secretary of the Board Report


Charter schools operate under a charter, or agreement, that details their program and expected outcomes.  Following are links to the charter and other documents under which La Salle Middle School operates.

La Salle Middle School Charter (2015)

Articles of Incorporation


Performance Contract