The charter under which a charter school operates is a contract between the sponsor and the governing board of the school.  The governing board of a charter school is a non-profit organization that is responsible for the academic and financial success of the school.  Each school’s governing board operates under the conditions set out in its Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

Current Governing Board members KIPP Endeavor Academy are:

Alicia Harold                     Chair
Scott Long                          Vice Chair
Jammie Rice                      Treasurer
Jason Fröehlich
Joyce Trimuel
Chris Major
Julie Gronquist-Blodgett
Sean Foley

The Governing Board meets bi-monthly.

The board is responsible for approving the annual budget, approving monthly financial statements and expenditures, approving school policies, and monitoring the performance of the school on an ongoing basis.


A charter school must operate in a fiscally sound manner.  The State of Missouri requires that a charter school maintain at least a 3% fund balance.  Additionally, a charter school must use standard accounting practices and have adequate internal controls in all financial and procurement procedures.

KIPP KC complies with these requirements.  Links to the current Audit and Annual Secretary of the Board Report are provided below.

Current Audit

Annual Secretary of the Board Report to DESE

Charter Documents

Charter schools operate under a charter, or agreement, that details their program and expected outcomes.  Following are links to the charter and other documents under which KIPP Endeavor Academy operates.

KIPP KC Academy Charter

Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

Performance Contract (page 29 of Charter above)