3800 East 44th Street
Kansas City, MO 64130



Executive Director
Kevin Foster

Grades                    PK-8

Enrollment           290

Enrollment Area
Entire Kansas City Missouri School District




University of Missouri—Columbia
[UMKC 1999-2019]

Sponsor Evaluation

The MU Office of Charter School Operations monitors school operations throughout the year and provides an annual statement regarding how well a school is complying with its stated charter goals.  These web pages provide information about the school, including

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  • Academic Performance
  • Governance and Operations

Based on this and information gathered in other monitoring activities our office conducts, we provide the adjoining Sponsor Statement.

Sponsor Statement

Genesis Promise Academy Status Letter 2019

Genesis Promise Academy (Genesis) was welcomed to the MU portfolio on May 1, 2019. Genesis, based in Kansas City, is a community driven PK-8 public charter school serving high-needs students that incorporates substantial wrap around services, critically, emotional and mental health services and support for every student, to support its objective of student success. Previously under the sponsorship of UMKC, MU and Genesis’ Board have agreed to move forward with expectations set forth in the Genesis-UMKC Performance Contract. In the 2018-19 academic year, Genesis’ leadership began the renewal process and anticipates having its application for charter renewal to come before the State Board of Education in March of 2020.

This report is structured by the expectations set forth in the Performance Contract with MU.  Genesis appears to be compliant with the provisions of its Performance Contract except Academic Outcomes. Nevertheless, Genesis, like KCPS, is evidencing ‘approaching’ improvement levels in Math; and, it is ‘exceeding’ improvement levels in Science, which outperforms KCPS. Genesis’ leadership has been engaged in strategic planning and discussions with MU to arrive at a mutually agreeable Performance Contract. We expect to support the renewal of Genesis pursuant to a Performance Contract that incorporates the alignment of strong academic performance expectations with a focus on the link between the provision of wrap around services and student academic growth and achievement.

  • The Genesis Board of Directors abides by all relevant laws and regulations regarding meetings and conducts business in accordance with accepted business and procurement practices. The board continues to receive monthly updates on school operations and detailed school leadership reports regarding academics and plans for improvement. Genesis’ Board is particularly adept in its review of the robust data driven environment.
  • Genesis continued to develop community partnerships and student services as a foundation which supports educating the whole child. Again, Genesis provides extensive wrap around services and implements a community-based program. Genesis’ leadership continues to strengthen hiring processes identifying candidates who identify with its unique programming. Additionally, teacher/staff professional development in the area of data analysis is consistently robust and ongoing.
  • Genesis meets expectations regarding fiscal health and industry norms, relying on a strong finance committee. For several years Genesis has maintained a large fund balance from revenues from a previous summer school program. In the last couple of years, the school has been spending down the reserve to invest in sustainable support measures to improve academic performance, particularly in reading.  Genesis’ Board has consciously authorized its school leader to access a currently healthy fund balance (approximately 50%, down from 55% in 2017-18) in favor of providing academic supports. We anticipate a strategic plan supporting renewal that incorporates a conservative and compliant plan for maintaining healthy fund balance levels throughout the renewal period.
  • Genesis meets all federal and state reporting requirements in a timely manner. As a result of 2019 academic performance, Genesis has been identified per ESSA as Targeted for low growth and/or achievement in its subgroup, Special Education.
  • The 2019 Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) underwent significant changes in reporting that proves challenging when working to hold sponsored schools accountable to Performance Contracts tied to APR scores. While Genesis has outperformed the nearest KCPS neighborhood schools in prior year and demonstrated On Track or Exceeding Growth, in 2018 and 2019 growth fell to Floor status. This is a serious concern moving into renewal in 2020. We expect to see continued focus on academic achievement and growth and are looking forward to supporting Genesis’ leadership’s review of its purpose, strategic and improvement goals in support of renewal in 2019-20.

Genesis School is a public charter school in Kansas City serving children from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.


To endow students with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to be successful in a college preparatory high school.


To transform the Kansas City educational landscape by demonstrating that all students in an open-enrollment community school can achieve at the highest levels.

Core Beliefs

–All students can learn at high levels and all students deserve educational excellence. A school culture based on mutual respect, rigorous expectations, and continuous growth sets the conditions for strong academic achievement.
–Achieving our students’ potential requires continuous learning and improvement. We use data to measure our progress, and purposeful reflection and research alter our practices.
–Character development is a critical component of education. Students who are respectful, responsible, resourceful and responsive are prepared to lead within their communities and society at large.
–A school must be inextricably linked to the community it serves: Our students’ success benefits the community, while the community supports and informs our work. Leveraging community partnerships meets our students’ needs and ensures learning.


At Genesis School, we believe all children deserve a fresh start on their educational journey. We believe that learning should meet individual needs. We believe that effective education requires a partnership between school and parent. And we know that for certain that caring, qualified teachers and specialized staff can make all the difference in turning a young person’s life around.

Our responsibility is vast because Genesis is the only charter school in the Kansas City area serving at-risk and high-risk inner city youth during those vulnerable years, grades kindergarten – 8.

We know how to address the special needs of young people and have been doing so for over 40 years. We have a proven track record. And when we are successful keeping young people in school, we help fortify the community’s skill base and enhance family cohesiveness.

School:  Beginning as a VISTA program in 1975, Genesis today has served over 2,000 youth needing academic & social development to be successfully in their educational journey. Certified teachers offer 90 minutes of reading and math, mental health counseling, cultural/performing arts, computer instruction & intervention.  Genesis was created to address the special needs of our students. We help each student become a responsible and a self-sufficient learner.

Counseling Services:  Mental health services are essential to the Genesis students’ success. Genesis provides comprehensive mental health/counseling services including: assessment/evaluation, individual/family/group counseling; behavioral intervention/management, & community/resource support referral. Groups focus on teen violence, drug prevention, & positive family/social relationships. The department is unique as a certified mental health provider service.

Mentoring Program: The mentoring project recruits, screens, trains & supports adults to work with high risk middle school students. Year-round mentoring &/or tutoring programs help youth build self-esteem, positive values, expand opportunities & increase their potential.

The Strategic Reading project at Genesis increases students’ reading skills for those who comes to us multiple grade levels behind. The one-on-one instruction with students uses a multi-sensory approach to develop the necessary underlying reading skills.  This allows the students to be able to gain two or more years in reading skills during one school year.  This program also involves training of the classroom teachers in techniques that help the students increase their comprehension & learning processes.  Being able to easily read & understand classroom material allows each student to gain knowledge & succeed in their education.

Tennis & Learning Program: Genesis is a National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) chapter of the United States Tennis Association. During physical education classes, students are taught the fundamentals of tennis and complete educational lessons tied to our curriculum. Students are also able to participate in tennis leagues throughout the community.

Student Demographics