2617 Shenandoah Ave
St. Louis, MO 63104

314-664-SOAR (7627)


Executive Director 
Dr. Matt Hoehner

Grades                     K-8

Enrollment            804

Enrollment Area
Tower Grove, Fox Park and
Gravois Park neighborhoods

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University of Missouri—Columbia

Management Company
Open Sky Education

Sponsor Evaluation

The MU Office of Charter School Operations monitors school operations throughout the year and provides an annual statement regarding how well a school is complying with its stated charter goals.  These web pages provide information about the school, including

  • Overview
  • Academic Performance
  • Governance and Operations

Based on this and information gathered in other monitoring activities our office conducts, we provide the adjoining Sponsor Statement.

Prior Years
Sponsor Statements


Sponsor Statement SY2018 EAGLE College Prep

EAGLE College Prep completed the fifth year of its original charter in 2018 and successfully renewed for another five year charter. EAGLE also opened its fourth elementary campus at Gravois Park, the last scheduled campus at this time. In the renewal process, the Board of Directors made a priority of focusing on academic excellence in coming years to secure a ten year charter at the next renewal. This report is structured by the expectations set forth in the Performance Contract with MU. EAGLE is fully meeting its charter commitments in most areas with mixed compliance in Academic Outcomes.

• The Board of Directors abides by all relevant laws and regulations (including Missouri Sunshine Law) in conducting meetings and in oversight of school operations. Board members bring a variety expertise. The Board consistently maintains a quorum and conducts business in a timely and efficient manner, in part because members serve on committees that address board business in greater detail. While some founding members remain on the board, resignations have been replaced through ongoing recruitment of members with particular skill sets.

• The EAGLE Board of Directors and its Finance Committee provide regular and detailed oversight of financial operations. Open Sky Education, the contracted management organization, provides continually updated and detailed financial reports to the board and makes ongoing recommendations to revise the budget based on enrollment, revenue, expense and other trends that national and regional staff monitor. The Board of Directors routinely ask for clarification, projections and modifications based on academic strategic priorities. EAGLE ended the year with a 13.02% fund balance.

• EAGLE operations are divided between building staff and Open Sky regional staff to support school operations. Data is reported to DESE and submissions to Epicenter are completed in a thorough and timely manner.

• EAGLE schools have a consistent culture from building to building—facilities, practices, and routines feel familiar. Building leaders speak of the same successes and challenges, including common approaches to addressing them. School leaders at three campuses remained through the year and the principal at Gravois Park left during first semester. Also, the regional Principal Director left during second semester. Regional leadership and the Board of Directors made changes necessary to maintain the learning culture while acknowledging the uncertainty that comes with change in leadership. They are refining the recruitment, development, and retention process for school leaders.

• EAGLE employs a blended learning model of classrooms of 30 students with a teacher and assistant teacher utilizing small groups and computer-based instruction. School leaders have adjusted the model to the needs of each building and grade. Instructional groups are formed with regular feedback from NWEA assessments, STEP reading assessments, and school developed benchmarking assessments. Teachers receive training and ongoing coaching in the use of assessments, the curriculum, and instructional techniques. EAGLE uses a detailed teacher evaluation instrument from Open Sky throughout the year for feedback and summative evaluation. Teacher development and retention are informed by this process.

• The 2018 Missouri Assessment Program introduced new ELA and Math assessments and Science is not reported. These are challenges to a fair assessment of academic outcomes and progress. In most regards, EAGLE has met its target of performing better than St Louis Public Schools, but its 2018 APR of 69.8% is lower than last year and below that of SLPS for 2018

EAGLE College Prep serves the children in South St. Louis neighborhoods with four school campuses.  EAGLE Tower Grove South opened in 2013 and has added a grade each year, serving Kg-7 in 2017.  EAGLE Fox Park opened in 2015, EAGLE Tower Grove East in 2016 and EAGLE Gravois Park in 2017.  All schools will eventually serve students Kg-8.

Mission  (Provided by school)

The mission of EAGLE Prep is to develop serving leaders by providing a rigorous college prep learning community where we work together toward the pursuit of academic excellence and character development in a safe, supportive, and loving learning environment.

Our Mission Statement emphasizes the two-fold purpose of our school: To strive for academic greatness in an environment that fosters positive character development. These two purposes go hand-in-hand and without one, the other is far more difficult to achieve and less meaningful even if it is achieved.

Philosophy  (Provided by school)

EAGLE Prep believes that college preparation begins at an early age, not just the few years before college. The elementary years are formative years, years that set the ground work for success in college. At EAGLE, scholars will be exposed to college early on through field trips, guest speakers, and by making lifelong learning part of the school culture and environment.

EAGLE Prep believes that to achieve educational greatness, scholars need to spend more time focused on core courses to prepare them for success in college. We will spend extra time daily on reading, language arts, and mathematics using not only traditional, time-tested curricula, but also utilizing new programs that integrate the benefits of technology to meet the learning needs of all scholars. Scholars will develop a tenacious spirit to work hard and efficiently at school.

 EAGLE Prep believes in building a foundation for scholar success by focusing on character development. The combination of high expectations, paying attention to detail, proactively celebrating success, developing a sense of team, and building self-efficacy will lead scholars to be prepared not only to excel academically, but also prepared for other challenges that are waiting for them throughout their lives.

Our Values  (Provided by school)

EAGLE Prep is relentlessly focused on providing a world-class academic program that instills the following values:

  • Loving:  Above all else we love our scholars and will in all things put them first knowing they can and will succeed. We love each child we serve too much to lower our expectations or let them slip through the cracks. We treat our colleagues, parents, and communities with the same love.
  • Leading:  To us, leadership is supporting, equipping, and inspiring others to achieve significant results. Through our leadership we seek to serve our scholars, parents, communities, and co-workers.
  • Learning:  We know that maintaining the status quo is not good enough, and we will push our scholars and ourselves to the next level every day. We are grounded in the belief that there is always a better way to accomplish our goals.
  •  Lasting:  The cornerstone of who we are is our mission, vision, and values. We build upon the foundation of the work of those who came before, while steadfastly remaining entrepreneurial as we chart new territory into the future.
  • Laughing:  We seek to live life to the fullest and enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with others and create new things in this educational endeavor.

Our Virtues (Provided by school)

EAGLE Prep will teach students strong character habits by using the following virtues as guideposts to our development as serving leaders:

  •  Integrity: personal consistency in moral goodness.
  •  Diligence: intrinsic energy for completing good work.
  •  Courage: the capacity to overcome fear to do good.
  •  Responsibility: accountability to myself and others.
  •  Self-sacrifice: purposeful action exchanging personal loss for the good of others.
  •  Justice: the capacity to determine and preserve our common rights.
  •  Respect: civility flowing from personal humility.

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