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St. Louis, MO 63108



Ashley Olson

Grades                   9-12

Enrollment          375

Enrollment Area
Entire City of St. Louis

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Grand Center ArtsAcademy opened its middle school program in 2010 to provide a high quality academic and arts education for the St. Louis Metro Area.  The program has since expanded through high school.  Students come from the City of St. Louis, as well as surrounding communities through the VICC program.  As such, the high school serves students from throughout the entire St. Louis Region.  With offerings in dance, music, and theater, Grand Center Arts Academy is known throughout the metropolitan area as a unique arts in education focused school.

Academic Performance

Academic performance for the Confluence Academies network is addressed on the Confluence main page and the academic performance of Grand Center Arts Academy High School is addressed here. GCAA High School is compared to individual schools that have the same grade configuration or are otherwise similar to the school.

The school has identified the following schools with similar characteristics for comparison.  The performance information presented here is for the high school program.  Performance of the middle school program is addressed on its own page.

Central  Visual and Performing Arts           (St Louis Public School with arts focus)
Lift for Life (6-12)                                           (Charter school serving same grades and community)

The Missouri Assessment Program tests students in English Language Arts (Grades 3-8), Mathematics (Grades 3-8), and Science (Grades 5 and 8).  In high school, students are assessed with End of Course exams in English, Math, Science and Social Studies.  The results of those assessments for the last five years are provided below.  The graphs present student achievement both as MPI and the Percent of students scoring Proficient/Advanced.  The MAP Performance Index (MPI) accounts for the number of students who score Proficient or Advanced in a subject as well as students performing at the Basic and Below Basic levels.  Because there have been changes in the testing program during the last five years, a change in performance from one year to the next may reflect as much on the change in tests as on actual student performance.

Annual Performance Report (APR) and Attendance information is also presented.  Note that Attendance reflects the percent of students whose attendance is 90% or better–not the average daily attendance.  Missouri uses this measure as part of the APR reporting process.


State averages are represented with a Gray Square
St. Louis Public School averages are represented with a Red Square
Confluence Preparatory Academy/Elite Academy is represented with a Gold Circle
Comparison schools are represented with various colored Diamonds

PLEASE NOTE:  Some schools do not have performance data in all subjects for all years.  Additionally, no high school received ELA, Math or APR scores in 2017.

Annual Performance Report (APR)

Each year the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education provides an APR for each district or charter and each individual school.  The school APR is at the following link.

APR for SY2019

School Report Card

Each year the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education provides a standardized report card for each district or charter and each individual school.  The school report card is at the following link.

School Report Card SY2019

Student Demographics